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What are the Lebanese Official Exams

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Students during the Lebanese official exams from Saida Online

What are the Lebanese Official Exams for Brevet and Baccalaureate? Who is qualified for the Lebanese Official Exams? Who makes the Lebanese Official Exams and corrects them?


The Lebanese Official Exams are exams that are done at the end of each year for the 9th and 12th-grade students by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon. The exams are related to the topics, themes, lessons taken among the school year. Which will test the Brevet and Baccalaureate students in subject such as Arabic Language, Math, Physics, Civics and etc... These assessments are gateways that determine their future paths.

Lebanese Official Exams

1. Lebanese Brevet Official Exams - Opening Doors to the Final Cycle

The Brevet exams, designed for 9th graders, mark a significant transition in a student's educational journey. Successfully passing these exams is a prerequisite to advancing to the final cycle of their schooling, encompassing grades 10, 11, and 12.

2. The Lebanese Baccalaureate Official Exams - Gateway to Higher Education

For 12th graders, the Lebanese Baccalaureate Official Exams, GS, LS, SE, and LH are the ultimate stepping stones toward university and college admission in Lebanon and worldwide. Achieving success in these exams opens doors to higher education opportunities and future career prospects.

The Educational Journey of Lebanese Students

Teacher giving instructions about the Lebanese official exams from Annahar

Lebanese students typically begin their formal education at ages 3 or 4 and conclude it around the age of 18. However, the final four years of their schooling are of paramount importance. Once they have successfully navigated the uniform Brevet exams, tailored for all 9th-grade students in Lebanon, they must shift their focus toward preparing for their prospective university majors.

1. Grade 10 - A Unified Curriculum

In the 10th grade, all Lebanese students follow a uniform curriculum, providing a well-rounded foundation for their education. It is in the following years that students are required to make critical decisions about their academic paths.

2. Grade 11 - Choosing the Path: Science or Literature

Grade 11 is a pivotal juncture where students must make a choice between two distinct paths: Science or Literature. The Science curriculum delves into subjects such as physics, biology, and chemistry, while the Literature curriculum encompasses humanities and economics.

3. Grade 12 - Specialization and Categorization

In the final year, 12th-grade students are categorized into five groups. The first category focuses on technical education, allowing students to specialize in one of 55 fields of study.

The remaining four categories are divided into two pairs:

  • The 2nd and 3rd categories emphasize scientific fields, which include life sciences and general sciences. Students build upon the knowledge acquired during grade 11.
  • The 4th and 5th categories center on literature, humanities, economics, and sociology subjects, offering continuity from the literature path chosen in grade 11.

Administration of the Lebanese Official Exams

The Lebanese government oversees the Lebanese official exams, with the Ministry of Education at the helm. Annually, the ministry publicly announces the examination dates and schedules. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in recruiting teachers to supervise, monitor, and assess these examinations.

In conclusion, the Lebanese official exams hold immense importance in shaping the educational and professional future of students. Understanding the intricacies of these exams and the choices available to them is essential for making informed decisions and achieving success in their academic pursuits. For more information on the Lebanese official exams, stay tuned for updates from the Ministry of Education. 📚🌟